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Churches in Missoula Montana

 Church NameCity 
 Christ The King Catholic ChurchMissoula 
 Christian Life Assembly of GodMissoula 
 Church of ChristMissoula 
 First Christian ChurchMissoula 
 First Church of Christ ScientistMissoula 
 First Church of the NazareneMissoula 
 First Lutheran Church LCMSMissoula 
 First United Methodist ChurchMissoula 
 Immanuel Evangelical Lutheran ELCAMissoula 
 Messiah Lutheran Church LCMSMissoula 
 Missoula Christian Assembly FoursquareMissoula 
 Path of Life - Church of GodMissoula 
 Prince of Peace Lutheran ELCAMissoula 
 Salvation Army Worship CenterMissoula 
 St. Anthony ParishMissoula 
 St. Francis XavierMissoula
 St. Paul's Lutheran ChurchMissoula - The Montana Church Directory
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